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Kroger Stores are one of the leading supermarkets in the United States. They offer great discounts on exclusive products frequently. They also offer something which is very unique and other stores do not offer. They reward their customers whenever they fill the Customer Satisfaction survey on their website. Rewards like free fuel points or straight gift cards of $100 up to $5000. This offer helps them in maintaining their customer service quality. They often reach out to their customers who were not happy shopping at one of their stores. This feedback helps the company in maintaining its top-notch quality for selling retail products all over the US.

Kroger Feedback Customer Survey

Kroger Feedback Survey

You can participate in the KrogerFeedback Survey by clicking this image below which will take you to the official website. For completing the survey you need to enter the date and Time written on the Kroger Receipt from your last purchase. With that, you'll need to fill the Entry ID and the survey will start. If you don't have any receipt then you cannot participate in the survey as you'll need the Entry ID which is unique on every receipt. Also, you can only use a receipt once only which prevents people from spamming their system. During the survey, they will ask you to rate them and write about your shopping experience. After completing the survey you'll get rewarded. The most common reward is the free fuel points, but if you are lucky you can win the free gift cards too.

Kroger Feedback

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey starts on 1st Jan every year and resets on 31st Dec. In the end, before resetting there are mega rewards for top customers who complete the survey multiple times a year. So if you shop at any Kroger store frequently then make sure to save your receipts and complete the survey. It just takes a few minutes and you can win big rewards or at least you'll save a few bucks on your fuel bill.


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