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Best TV Networks with Best TV Shows

Best TV Networks with Best TV Shows

These days everyone loves watching a show or two on their favorite TV streaming service. The popularity of these TV networks is increasing day by day and new shows are introduced every week. So we did a little research to find out which one of the hundreds of live TV streaming services which ones are the best. We compared the subscription price, the shows they offer, the viewing interface, their online player, and many other factors to rank the best five TV networks with the best shows. So without further, due let's get right into it.

Although these days you don't need to buy a subscription to these Movies and TV Shows streaming services because of free apps like Megabox HD, LiveNet TV, BeeTV, Titanium TV, etc.


HBO comes at the number one on the list, while their multiple shows offered by this TV network giant the one that puts it on the top is definitely everyone's all-time favorite Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones alone made HBO's almost half the subscription reason and by far the most-watched show on every other streaming service. Other popular shows on HBO are The Sopranos, True Detective, Silicon Valley (another fan favorite tech comedy show), The Wire, True Blood, etc. They have a brilliant responsive web app and mobile app for both Android and iOS which provides a quality viewing experience. You can download them from their respective app stores. Their servers are also great as they deliver live streams to so many people at once without lag or buffer.


Although HBO is in the first place no one says no to Netflix and chill. Netflix is loved not because of one show which is popular but because of 100s of shows which are popular. Netflix has the best library of TV shows that's the reason more than 100 million people across the globe are subscribed to them. Their most popular shows are House of cards, Stranger things, Bloodline, Narcos, Orange is the new black, etc. Netflix is the most popular among teenagers. Same as HBO, Netflix also has a great Web App player for online viewers. Their app for Android and iOS is among the most downloaded apps. And their services are flawless without any buffers or lags.


While HBO and Netflix both together hold most of the market share, AMC also has a little part in it. With one of the all-time best shows like Breaking Bad, they are ranked third on our list. AMC. AMC might not have a giant library of TV shows but they have a few good ones like The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, Mad Men, etc. They started their services only in America but became popular all around the world and starting streaming TV shows everywhere. They have their own TV channel, website, and apps for both iOS and Android. They also provide great services on all platforms for their audience to watch and enjoy.

So these were our top three, best TV networks with best shows.  After them on the list are Showtime, FX, The CW, ABC, NBC, BBC, Comedy Central, and so on. These amazing live streaming TV channels can be viewed on the BeeTV Live TV app. You can also install BeeTV for PC and watch TV shows on your Windows desktop PC easily. Another alternative for this is Geo Streamz which is another streaming app for avid TV watchers.

Tell us what do you think about the increasing popularity of TV channels and TV shows among all kinds of age groups especially teenagers. Are you a TV show freak and love to watch lots of sitcoms regularly? Also, mention which TV networks you are subscribed to and what are your favorite TV shows. Thank you for reading this article.


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