Kroger Feedback

Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

KrogerFeedback is a Customer Survey and Customer Satisfaction Platform for frequent shoppers of Kroger Stores in the United States of America. Kroger Feedback provides an online portal ( for its Customers to fill in and provide valuable feedback on their shopping experience and in return, they get free 50 fuel points or gift cards.

Kroger Feedback

Through this Kroger Feedback Survey, you do not just win the small rewards which make little or no sense or benefit for the customers. Through this, you can win a whopping sum of $5,000, which you can win on grocery gift cards or 100 nos for that matter. In addition to all of that, you can also win digital coupons, grocery gift cards that could be worth over $100 or 50 fuel points via survey for kroger fuel 50 points. All in all, it is a great place to earn benefits for free without having to do much work. These come in handy for future references.

However, the only thing which one needs to keep in mind or one condition of this KrogerFeedback Survey is that the one who is taking a survey needs to make sure that he is 18 years old or he should be older than 18 years of age.

Kroger Customer Survey

Kroger Feedback Survey

Kroger Feedback Customer Survey

Kroger Feedback rewards fuel points

Many people are not aware of what Kroger actually is, so most people cannot even give feedback. So we come to the actual question at hand, what is Kroger and how to give the feedback?

It is not some small company running a business, they are one of the largest companies in the whole United States in the grocery retail sector. The main focus of Kroger, as a company is on manufacturing, merchandise, retail, grocery, and supermarket. Because they are one of the leading companies, people expect nothing less than a great experience when they shop at their store. And it always lives up to the expectations as the company delivers one of the best experiences to not only their customers but also their employees, which is a sign of every big company.

For those who are not looking to shop here, but are looking to work here as an employee, then I must tell you that Kroger is an excellent place where one can find work not only because of the benefits associated with working for them but also how they treat their employees. Their employees get various benefits which also include Healthcare and insurance. We encourage you to share your shopping experience with their store because it feels like home when you shop at their store.

Everything else is second to Kroger because their first and foremost priority is the customer and the satisfaction which they want their customers to achieve when they shop with them. Nothing else is of importance to Kroger because everything else is secondary while the customer is primary. Because of the fact that they treat customers as the king, they have come up with an excellent way to interact with their customers at all levels and that way is to take feedback from the customers.

In order to do so, they have come up with an entirely new system, which enables the customers to give feedback so that Kroger can improve their services and make them better than they already are. The name of the system is the Kroger Satisfaction Feedback Survey, which has been quite successful for both, customers and the company. In the KrogerFeedback Survey, the most important and basic question is whether they are happy with the service of their store which they received in their nearest store. This is a very effective way adopted by them to make their services much better than they already are.

Kroger Stores Working Hours

Many people are looking for a job in Kroger company and why not? Kroger provides an excellent opportunity to their employees because they give additional benefits to their employees too. Kroger is a large company that has a number of branches all around the United States and every store has different timings. We have given you a schedule of their working hours, spread throughout the week. Have a look at their schedule:

Kroger Store Hours

  • From Sunday to Saturday: 6 AM to Midnight

Kroger Pharmacy Store Hours

  • Sunday: 11 AM to 6 PM
  • Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 9 PM
  • Saturday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Requirements for taking Kroger Survey Rules?

Kroger Feedback rewards fuel points

Not everyone can be a part of the Kroger Feedback Customer Survey because it comes with various requirements, terms and conditions, and some tips which one should keep in mind at all times. Below is a list of tips that we have panned out for our readers so that they can know what to keep in mind when they enroll in the Kroger Feedback Survey. The important points which one should keep in mind to be a part of the Kroger survey are:

  • The first and the most important point which one should always remember is that the person, in order to take part in the Kroger Feedback Customer Survey is that he should be 18 years of age or older that. If anyone does not cross the 18 years old barrier, he cannot be a part of the Kroger Feedback Customer Survey and there is no exception to this rule.
  • Next important thing is that you cannot take the Feedback Survey on the offline and therefore, you will have to have an internet connection to ensure that you are able to fill out the feedback survey. There is no restriction on the device as you can use any device you want to, to take the survey.
  • Now, the third step is that it is necessary for you to make a purchase within 7 days on any of the Kroger stores which you like because you are required to have a receipt that is not more than 7 days old and with that, you will have a receipt which is not 7 days old.
  • You need entry ID or kroger survey entry code which you can find on your recipt, if their is no entry id on kroger receipt then you are not eligible.
  • It is necessary for you to know either English or Spanish because the questions which are asked in the Kroger Feedback Survey are in both, Spanish and English. Therefore, knowing one language is required to take the survey.
  • You will have to take time out of your schedule to fill out the feedback form and answer all the questions which have been asked in the feedback survey. You will just need about 15-20 minutes to fill out the survey and answer all the questions which are asked.

These are all the major points that one needs to keep in mind when he is filling out the customer satisfaction survey form.

How do I give feedback to Kroger?

Now, most people have trouble while they are taking the Kroger survey. However, you do not have to worry about it because we are here with a guide that will help you take the survey on Follow the steps below and you'll be good to go.

  • The first step is to open a browser on any device which you are using to fill out the form.
  • Then, you need to visit the official site of Kroger, which is, to submit your experience with their store.
  • Enter the ‘Entry ID’ date and time of your receipt which you can find on your receipt. With that, you will be able to start the survey.
  • You will see several questions displayed one by one on your screen and according to your visit to the store you need to answer all the questions and share your experience with them.
  • Now the final step which you need to take if you are willing to participate in the sweepstakes is to fill out your contact details and your loyalty card details if you have them.

Once all of this has been filled, you will directly enter the sweepstakes and you will automatically earn 50 Kroger fuel points from the company. The above steps will lead you to your bonus and sweepstakes. In addition to this, you might also win Kroger discount coupons or other coupons for that matter.

Kroger Customer Service

Kroger's customer service team is one of the best teams which are there for their customers at all times. There are various ways for you to reach them which include online chat and calling on a toll-free number. You will get rid of your problem with just one phone call, that's how fast and good their service is.

1-800-576-43770 is Kroger’s customer support number.

However, there might be a timing issue with their operators as they work on specific time only, which is:

  • Monday – Friday: 8 AM to Midnight EST
  • Saturday & Sunday: 8 AM to 9:30 PM EST

Final Verdict

KrogerFeedback is a platform, for online surveying, which the Kroger company has provided to its customers, to take part in which comes with rewards. The company asks their customers to sweepstake surveys in order to win exclusive gifts and cards which include grocery cards, plus cards, digital coupons, 50 fuel points, gift cards, and a lot of other rewards for their customers. The benefits of these cards, coupons, and points can be redeemed by the customers, according to what they have earned, whenever they are going to make any purchase on the store, which is always beneficial for all the customers.

You can download the Kroger Android app from ACMarket, you can also download many other cool Apps from ACMarket as it is an App Store for Android, iOS & PC.

With that, we thank you for helping us guide you through the process of the Kroger Feedback Survey and feedback login. We hope you will earn your rewards and also earn the grand prize of $5,000. You can contact Kroger customer service if you still have any doubts about anything.


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